When people unite to defend the preciousness of life, projects are born that remain in time and leave a mark.

Our association has at heart the scientific research and the families that every day face Sanfilippo syndrome. In this section we will try to list all the projects that will engage us in the future.

Our projects are still taking shape.
As a newborn association and without a technical committee of its own, we thought it would be optimal to rely on those who have been involved in research for decades.
Currently we have relied on the scientific office of Telethon, which guarantees us collaboration and support, and which is analyzing through project managers and research managers, which studies are closer to the development of a drug or clinical trials functional gene therapies for Mucopolysaccharidosis 3.
It is a complex work that requires care, expertise and competence and consequently implies time.

Thanks to your donations we can look to the future with confidence and set concrete and at the same time challenging goals, without fear or any doubt because we know we have the weapons to fight for sanfilippo fighters and with you at our side!

Telethon Spring Seed Grant

We are pleased to inform you that after careful analysis, supported by the Telethon Foundation, we are ready to start with our first research project.
Given the complexity of the disease, although there are already promising experiments and research underway, there are still aspects that are not yet explored and yet fundamental to determine an effective treatment.
It is plausible in fact to invest economic resources in a research project “Seed Grant”, which has as its focus the needs not yet met by research on MPS III, emerged from this analysis.

Objective: to raise € 50,000 to start the first project.

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