Projects in progress

When people come together to defend the preciousness of life, projects are born that remain in time and leave a mark.

Our association cares about scientific research and the families who face Sanfilippo syndrome every day.

In this section we will try to list all the projects that will engage us in the future.

Our projects are still taking shape.
As a newborn association with no technical committee of its own, we have considered it best to rely on those who have been involved in research for decades.
Currently we have relied on the Telethon scientific office, which guarantees us collaboration and support, and which is analysing through project managers and research managers which studies are closest to the development of a drug or clinical trials functional to gene therapies for Mucopolysaccharidosis 3.
This is complex work that requires care, expertise and competence and therefore requires time.

Therefore, even though to date we have not yet identified the specific project to which the donations we will receive will be channelled, we want to guarantee our total transparency in the financial management of the association’s current account.
The donations will be destined exclusively to support specific scientific research for the pathology we are fighting together with our children.
As soon as Telethon identifies the project considered by the technical committee as the most promising, we will inform you on this page.
Transparency and hope are the foundations on which we are building, together with the certainty of your solidarity.

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