The stories of our children

Valeria, New


Valeria is seven years old and many candles still to be wanted and had to extinguish. Valeria does not know what sobriety is: she is a real party and as such loves parties. Whether it’s birthdays, onomastics, weddings, she’s okay with the redfish’s birthday too, it doesn’t matter. You always have to celebrate something. And then there is Christmas, for Valeria the letter for Santa claus you have to write it already in August, you never know there were delays with the mail in Lapland.

Valeria also loves lions. In the piece, on tv or in the flesh, she looks at them with admiration, imitates their roar. Who knows, maybe he feels like him. In fact Valeria is really strong, and also quite fast. All skills that he uses to the maximum of his abilities to combine an endless series of troubles, creating skits as a true comedian. Valeria is kisses, immense hugs, intense looks, it is a thousand “I love you” said in a sweet voice that fills the heart.

Valeria is also a fridge door always open, it is playing to be the chef of her restaurant, but she says that it is always closed, it is want to sing in her own way her favorite songs, it is desire to be with other children, it is irreverence, it is Olympic throws of random objects and then a thousand “excuses” always said in a sweet voice. Valeria is a fantasy that makes a bully space in a memory that begins to falter, it is imagination that struggles not to be suffocated, it is walls written in colors and an abstract painting to rival Picasso, it is a fairy tale read by her mother before sleeping so as not to lose her connection with reality or perhaps with a fairy world.

Valeria has strong legs that do not give up, it is inaccurate jumps on the trampoline, it is a bike that does not know how to ride. Valeria is a laugh, of those clear, free and contagious to fill the eyes with tears. A laugh like that can’t be wasted. Inside this laugh is the future of the Sanfilippo children. Let’s help Valeria, never stop laughing. And that a thousand more candles can blow.