The stories of our children


Pellegrino: a name and a program.
Just today Pellegrino makes another stage of his journey, this bizarre wandering that goes a little further and a little goes back, due to an ungrateful travel companion called mucopolysaccharidosis 3.

Just today Pellegrino turns fifteen and even if the follies and messes now succeed him difficult, he does not lose his habit, he sees them all on TV, following the adventures of his beloved Pippi Longstocking.
On this special day, however, we want to forget about all the autonomy he has lost and toast his tenderness, his calmness, his pampering, his strenuous walks, his games with the ball.

Today Pellegrino celebrates his birthday and as a gift asks only a thread of hope. Hope for a future that doesn’t scare every more candle to blow on the cake.

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