Michele can be described with just three adjectives: smiling, brave and stubborn. Michele is almost 9 years old and already in his lap he has proved to be a fighter: he has faced several operations and has always won, he is a true black belt! His best weapon is his gentleness, you just have to catch his smile or meet his sweet eyes to fall to the mat, so in this unequal fight he always gets everything he wants, even when he shouldn’t!

Michael reciprocates with a laugh then another and another, he laughs so much that he drags everyone into his world. Where there is a smile today there used to be a lot of words, Michele was a chatterbox and when he wasn’t talking he was singing, in short, he made his presence felt at all times. Michele walked, but above all he ran so he could kick a ball. Well, needless to say, he was the real idol of his mini-children’s team. Michele had also learned to dance, after all, if you have a South American grandmother, dancing runs in your veins.

While Michele was busy living, mucopolysaccharidosis was silently plotting its own way. Today, Michele does not speak, he can no longer run after a ball, but he kicks his disease every day, he does not want to give it up! Dancing? That has turned into indecisive steps. Michele, in spite of everything, continues to smile at life and does so through his big green eyes, often lost looking at the sea, his great love.

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