Giorgio is fifteen years old and has the name of a king. Like any self-respecting king, he has always had the charisma of a draughtsman: it is impossible to resist him, the door to his world is constantly open and woe betide anyone who stands on the threshold without entering and being overwhelmed by his enthusiasm and vitality.

Giorgio’s parents, who had always been enchanted by their child’s royalty, soon realised, however, that in Giorgio’s beautiful world, time flowed at a slower speed than that of his peers, and despite their efforts to stimulate him, Giorgio showed a slight cognitive delay. Just like Giorgio VI, he never really made a speech either, but he always expressed his needs eloquently, with unmistakable words, gestures and glances.

George always won everyone over, which is why he is known as ‘George the Conqueror’. Instead of swords, shields or machine guns, Giorgio uses the weapons of sympathy, gentleness and cheerfulness, winning favour even with older children. Around the age of seven, his skills began to decline, and after some investigations he unfortunately got the diagnosis: Mucopolysaccharidosis type 3A. No cure, no chance of improvement, just a sealed fate and a broken family. When you receive a sentence like that, life freezes and the will to fight is lost, even for a brave king like Giorgio.

George, however, has something very powerful on his side, capable of facing even the hardest battle: he is loved, madly and strongly loved by his parents. And only the love for a son can restore vigour and the will to start fighting again, every day, without waste, because Giorgio is a king but he is also a Sanfilippo child and for Sanfilippo children every day is precious. The only luxury a king like Giorgio cannot afford is to put off until tomorrow the chance to be happy. Now Giorgio is fifteen years old and although his difficulties are increasing, he is still a great conqueror of Love.

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