Nineteen years old.
A beautiful, carefree age. The age of the first holidays on one’s own, of driving licence quizzes, high school exams or university entrance tests. The age when you become a woman.

Giada is nineteen years old, she has the body of a woman but mucopolysaccharidosis has kidnapped her mind, forcing her to become a child.
Giada has had a few whims: short hair and a pink quiff, nail varnish, but her world has remained still there, her childhood.
Giada needs few things to be happy: a long walk to train legs that are difficult to coordinate, food that is easy to swallow, long car rides, with her sister Anita unfailingly close by.

Speech begins to fail, her mum and dad begin to feel a painful silence inside the house. Giada, however, is a great romantic and in front of a Disney classic her voice returns, she sings and gets emotional.
Giada has a big heart, always cheerful, always proud, but wounded. Sanfilippo has weakened it so much that it has created the need for a double operation. However, Giada resists, she has always recovered with strength and determination.
The disease advances, unfairly, but Giada does not want to give in, she resists, giving courage to those who care for her. And after the screaming, crying, anger, despondency and bitterness, hope returns, for Giada, for Anita, and for all the Sanfilippo children.

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