The stories of our children


A beautiful, carefree age. The age of the first holidays alone, the quiz of the driving license, the baccalaureate exam or the entrance tests for university. The age at which you become a woman.

Giada is nineteen years old, has a woman’s body but the mucopolysaccharidosis has kidnapped her mind, forcing her as a child.
Some delicious Giada took it off anyway: short hair and pink tuft, nail polish, but her world stood still there, in her childhood.
Giada needs few things to be happy: a long walk to train hard-to-coordinate legs, easy-to-swallow food, long laps in the car, with her sister Anita invariably next door.

The word begins to fail, his mom and dad begin to feel a painful silence inside the house. Giada, however, is a great romantic and in front of a Disney classic the voice returns, sings and gets excited.
Giada has a great heart, always cheerful, always proud, but wounded. Sanfilippo has weakened it so much that it has created the need for double intervention. Giada, however, resists, she has always recovered with strength and determination.
The disease advances, unfair, But Giada does not show that she wants to give it to him, resists, giving courage to those who care for her. And after the screams, the crying, the anger, the despair and the bitterness, hope returns, for Giada, for Anita, and for all the sanfilippo children.

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