The stories of our children


Today we tell you the story of Gaia.
It’s a bizarre story, the story of a time flowing backwards. Gaia was born in her Sicily, volcanic, tenacious and lush as her land, dark as the ashes of mom Etna, fiery, dynamic, vital, like the magma that can be seen coming out of the balconies of Catania.

Gaia is an attentive, insightful, active child. One of those little girls who takes her head-to-chest, with enthusiasm, as a protagonist, enjoying every moment. Gaia is even precocious, evidently within herself she perceives that she has no time to waste, that that time is not her friend, and she must challenge him. So he starts talking early, walking early, burning the stages. How much joy in the house, how much serenity, all spectators of such a clear and cheerful creature. Gaia turns six, new apron and backpacker. The letters, the first syllables, the numbers up to a hundred. Gaia no longer burns the stages, slows down the race. Gaia struggles: too much stimuli, too much concentration required, she can’t stand still, she has to do, do, do more things together, change all the time. The teacher notices. The process starts, the first evaluations, Mother Angela feels that we need to deepen. Gaia is overactive. But something’s not right. Gaia switches from the attack to the defense, demoted. 100 to 100, from syllables to letters. Forget what he learned, his head begins to empty at the age when it fills up.

“Mom” becomes “ma-gga”, even the simplest words, those of the heart, become difficult to pronounce. How much tension in the house, how much concern, all spectators of a creature always wonderful but in distress. Gaia goes to the catania polyclinic, too many questions await an answer. Doctors just need to see her, the diagnosis comes shortly after. A blow to the heart, a stab, the frost in the boiling soul of two Sicilian parents. Gaia, the volcanic, early Gaia, suffers from Mucopolissacaridosi 3. A metabolic, neurogedenative pathology, children’s Alzheimer’s. A diabolical disease, which first makes you believe that everything is normal and then offends you, betrays you, steals you like a thief all the progress made, until you die. The diagnosis is a watershed, something has broken. One thing, however, remains, resistant, tenacious. Love for Gaia, no one can steal that. And the more the disease progresses, the more he grows and becomes solid. Gaia is a Sanfilippo girl, and she is an insanely beloved child.

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