Francesco is a rock star.
Francesco does not go unnoticed: he rejoices when he feels like it, leaves the room without explanation, animates parties and loves buffets.
He is an outsider, has little respect for queues and imposed times and does what he needs to do when he decides to do it.
He is already a bit of a teenager, staying up and partying until morning and then sleeping until mid-afternoon.

Francesco has certainties: his “Y”, “Peppa Pig” and “Masha and Bear”. But Francesco knows how to be patient, with the patience of one who knows that he must be guided, with the gentleness of one who knows that he might not be understood, with the awareness of one who hears things before words can pollute them.
Francis no longer speaks, but he knows the language of the heart and entrusts himself to others. And as he lets himself be guided, he does not realise that it is he who shows the way, without expectations, demands or claims.

Francis also knows the language of tenderness: when he needs you, he comes, takes your hand and carries you with him: to fall asleep, to give you a cuddle, to tell you that he needs you, to make you feel that he is there.
From the height of his seven years (in two days), Francesco teaches us that happiness is never an end in itself. We can only be happy when we enjoy the happiness of others.
This is the secret and he has revealed it to us.
In fact, Francesco is happy, and his family is happy with him.
Francesco is a true rock star.
His life matters.

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