David is a very important name, meaning ‘Beloved’.
His name recalls a story from the Bible, a young shepherd boy, who, before becoming a great king, bravely challenged the giant Goliath.
David challenged him heedless of danger, loaded his slingshot and with precision struck the giant in the forehead and literally knocked him to the ground, thus winning an impossible fight.

What gave David all this courage?
Obviously, the knowledge that he was LOVED!!!
Love is the most powerful weapon every human being has at his disposal, and he who can use it will surely triumph in every battle of life, even the toughest and most difficult.

Like the biblical David, our little David has his own great giant to face.
He was born only 3 years ago, he is a very lively child, full of energy and really very brave, because it takes a lot of courage to face his giant.
His giant is called Mucopolysaccharidosis 3A or Sanfilippo syndrome, a serious, neurodegenerative disease that kills in adolescence.
Time is more precious than normal for David’s life as his enemy has not an ounce of mercy.

But David needs love, the most powerful and effective weapon, the one that will enable him to overcome this difficult battle.
How can we love David?!
Simple, by donating for research, an important and precious gesture of love, a gesture that will make little Davide and all the other fighters triumph against their ruthless and terrible enemy.

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Al momento per i nostri piccoli non c’è una cura, ci sono solo dei piccoli espedienti per cercare giornalmente di convivere con i sintomi ma c’è una cosa importantissima su cui dobbiamo avere speranza: la ricerca.

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