The stories of our children


Imagine a serene and chubby child, a child who ate life and tasted it with taste. Imagine dancing, singing, games, racing and rolling balls. Imagine a warm family, united and gathered around that sweet child, the little one, the quarter of four brothers, the most pampered. Imagine an ordinary life, a sum of small happy moments in the name of normality. Imagine the first cracks, the first doubts that arose in the hearts of two parents: hyperactivity, slowness and then inability to learn, the first stumbles. Imagine the anguish, the crossroads between hospitals and specialists, the collection of symptoms as points of expenditure. Imagine the earthquake: a diagnosis that tastes like a judgment, an unknown, ruthless disease, difficult even to pronounce. Imagine that united and warm family, now upset and lost. Imagine the fracture, the bleeding wound, the still breath in the throat. Imagine a slow and difficult time, wiping away tears that often resurface. Imagine a scar of the thick, visible ones, which sometimes come back to itch. Imagine that child who tasted life, now barely swallows. Imagine a smile in spite of everything, tenacious feet still kicking the ball, the brave love of a father, a mother and three brothers who rises from the ashes like a phoenix and gets more welcoming than before. Imagine a sum of a few normal moments and many precarious moments, which result in a full, understood, painful but painful and dignified life. This is the story of DANIELE, who is now fourteen years old, and his family. Here, now imagine a hope: We entrust it in your hands.

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