Hi everyone, I’m Christian and I introduce myself in my mum’s words.
I’ve always been a volcanic child, I never stop, I’m always curious and discovering the world.
I like running, playing ball, I love going to the swimming pool so I can dive in and swim like a little fish.
I am a healthy carrier of cheerfulness and good humour, of cuddles and laughter.

I am also quite successful with women: my deep black doe eyes make everyone fall in love at first sight (please don’t tell my mum, she is very jealous).
I need contact so much and those who love me know that. The girls compete to hold my hand, I am very happy about that, I feel important to them.
Unfortunately I suffer from a serious disease called mucopolysaccharidosis 3, I know, it sounds like a tongue twister. If you find it easier, you can also call it Sanfilippo syndrome.

This spoilsport has turned my life upside down: it is causing me to lose all the autonomy I have acquired over time, causing me to fade away day by day and eventually becoming a little angel like so many of my little brothers who have flown away.
So that this does not happen again, we must be united, stronger than ever, and find a cure for all the other children who deserve to do as they wish.
Together, united, we can do it, donating for research.
I love you
Chris ❤️

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Al momento per i nostri piccoli non c’è una cura, ci sono solo dei piccoli espedienti per cercare giornalmente di convivere con i sintomi ma c’è una cosa importantissima su cui dobbiamo avere speranza: la ricerca.

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