The stories of our children


Hi everyone, I’m Christian and I introduce myself with my mom’s words.
I have always been a volcanic child, I never stop, I am always curious and discovering the world.
I like to run, play ball, I love going to the pool to be able to do bomb diving and swimming like a little fish.
I am a healthy bearer of joy and good humour, pampering and laughter.

I have a certain success even with women: my black and deep fawn eyes make everyone fall in love at first glance (I recommend not tell my mom, she is very jealous).
I need contact so much and those who love me know it. The girls compete to keep my hand, I am very happy about this, I feel important to them.
Unfortunately I suffer from a serious disease called mucopolysaccharidosis 3, I know, it looks like a tongue-twister. If you can do it easier you can also call it Sanfilippo syndrome.

This troublemaker has upset my life: it is making me lose all the autonomy acquired over time, making me fade day after day and eventually leading me to become an angel like so many of my little brothers who have flown away.
In order for this to happen again, we must be united, stronger than ever, and find a cure for all the other children who deserve to do what they want.
Together, united, we can do it, donating for research.
I love you
Chris ❤️

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