The stories of our children


Chiara is 6 years old and is an energy concentrate. It’s a hurricane that passes and upsets you but leaves joy attached to you. Chiara cannot stop, she has too much to do, to discover, to touch. But have you seen how beautiful the world is around? Chiara can’t resist, she has to find out everything, she’s a real explorer.

Chiara speaks little but laughs a lot. Of a contagious laugh, her mom says she laughs with her eyes too. The same eyes that come to heart when he sees his dad. Chiara, as an explorer, cannot be locked in the house: she must go out and stay outdoors. And then away by bike, on the rides, playing ball! If right outside he can’t stay then he dances, because he stops no, he just can’t. Chiara dances for hours, has beautiful choreographies in mind but can’t so much give the right commands to her body, so in the end she just jumps. But you knew how he jumps! Never seen more beautiful jumps.

Chiara also loves the company of the other children but since she can’t talk, she screams. Do not think, however, that they are whimsy, the screams (as for all the children at the bottom) are the way he has to express his emotions, beautiful and ugly. The louder they are, the more they make her scream. Chiara, in addition to the dancer and the explorer, is also a personal trainer. She takes care of keeping her whole family in shape. Mom, dad and grandparents run all day to avoid -in vain- messing around at the speed of light. You could see me sticking out that I am!

Chiara is also a big fan of Jovanotti. One of his songs says, “There’s no mountain higher than the one I’m not going to climb, there’s no bet more lost than the one I’m not going to play.” The Sanfilippo is for Chiara simultaneously mountain and bet. High mountain, invading, very steep. The real bet is to climb it, this mountain. Help Chiara become a mountaineer of the Mucopolisaccaridosi. Chiara wants to get to the top, that’s her bet. From there, they say, the view is breathtaking.

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