The stories of our children


Bruno is twenty-two years old, he is the oldest, the forerunner, our mascot. In this obstacle course that is his life, Bruno is a tireless runner who is not afraid of skinned knees and goes on.

Twenty-two years and many different Bruno: this is the reality, joy and pain, of Sanfilippo. Anyone who has known him brings with him a piece of a different Bruno. Bruno was a very sweet child, with a candid tenderness and a sincere smile that swept away the shadows. Over time, the hurricane that had become the bora, then the mistral, then a weak but still perceptible breeze. The Bruno of now is not the Bruno of yesterday, but his presence is indisputable, evident. You can’t hear it but you see it, it’s the rustle of the leaves, no longer the power of the air.

Bruno was a performer, a stand-up comedian, he loved being the center of attention, he sang continuously. Now his voice is moaning and gasping, but mother Serafina swears she has never heard more beautiful joke. Life is strange, sickness cruel, it lacks meaning, a logical reason for so much pain. But Bruno testifies to us that life is always life, it is not measured in performance. Bruno is worthy of receiving and giving love. There is no higher dignity than this. If you are looking for an answer to so much pain, Bruno would not know what to tell you. He responds to injustice with dignity, absurdity with the tenacity of his breath.

The future for Bruno is TODAY … not tomorrow, not next week, next month, in a year. These are all times he is not allowed to compete with. Program? Voice of the verb: “barring unforeseen events”. Impatient we await a cure for the little ones, Bruno cheers for them.

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