The stories of our children


Anita and Giada, two sisters who share everything, even the same disease.

After Giada’s diagnosis, the hope that for Anita the future was kinder was strong, but once the diagnostic process was activated, their parents had to deal with a double pain. Two out of two: strike.

This is the cruelty of hereditary diseases: it is all a game of accounts, of probability, a Russian roulette. But behind numbers and probabilities there are individuals with their own characteristics and peculiarities. Anita is now almost 13 years old and has a very strong personality. She never spoke but she always made herself understood well, she has a way of communicating all her own. She is a high-contact child, she needs pampering, presence, tight hugs and tenderness. She is also terribly lazy, nothing is more attractive to her than the sofa. And the cookies. And the pasta. Maybe eat comfortably on the couch.

There is, however, an infallible ruse to get it activated: the ball! Anita loves to play with it, offer her a ball and you’ve won it. There is a passion, however, that distinguishes it among all. Anita is a passionate fan of Raffaella Carrà, spends hours dancing, listening to her songs and making “noise, noise!”. How did Raffaella say?” Aaa, aaa, to make (donations) you start!”

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