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The birth of the sprout as a logo for the Sanfilippo Fighters

It was the year 2017, a potentially watershed year for three families with a child suffering from a rare genetic metabolic disorder, Mucopolysaccharidosis 3.

For these children, there was hope for the first time, an opportunity for redemption from the inexorability of genetics. All three had had access to a gene trial, animated by the hope their families had in scientific research, which held out the prospect of a cure.

However, the trial ended suddenly and without the hoped-for results. For the families of these three children, it is like receiving a second sentence. Disillusionment is hard to bear.

Those, however, who know suffering thoroughly and learn from it without shunning it as an enemy, have the gift of being able to rise from their ashes like a phoenix.

A strong bond blossoms from so much pain: these families are united by a common grief and a solid feeling of friendship is born.

This is how three mothers, Katia, Alessandra and Grace, together think and build a dream over time, cherishing this desire and watering it slowly. Their goal is to found an association that invests in research and specifically deals with Mucopolysaccharidosis 3, offering a support network to all Italian families with Sanfilippo children.

Some time passes, and a WhatsApp group of mothers with children suffering from Mucopolysaccharidosis 3 is born, a cohesive group sharing experiences so that none of them find themselves alone or unprepared in the face of their child’s advancing illness.

The desire of those three mothers also began to germinate in the intentions of other mothers, until the turning point came in the summer of 2020. It is time for that seed to become a plant, after much sowing comes the time to build.

The Sanfilippo Fitghers association was born, with Katia as president and parents and relatives of Sanfilippo children on the board. Once the association was born, it was necessary to find a logo, an image that iconically and symbolically encapsulates all the meaning of that path.

The logo was created thanks to the collaboration of the Diskos School of Graphics, Communication, Digital-Design in Schio (VI), and its director Milena Zanotelli.

The School made a serious commitment, brainstorming the students and entrusting them with the graphic realisation of the proposed project.

The winner was Lisa Berti, who created the small sprout about to blossom. The choice seems immediate: the sprout is in fact the symbol of a vigorous and beautiful nature that stubbornly wants to live, despite adversity. It is also the symbol of a slow and natural pathway, which in due time leads to the life that always and in any case asserts itself.

Sanfilippo Fighters was created to fight a rare, sneaky disease that steals time from children, hindering their development, involuting their goals and growth, preventing them from blossoming into tall, sturdy trees.

Here is a sprout to represent it: the fragility of a sprouting seed that contains within itself all the power of life to become. For the association it is not just a logo, but a gauntlet thrown down to Mucopolysaccharidosis, to start a fight that wants to see hope win against despair.

Logo Sanfilippo Fighters
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